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After almost a YEAR of thinking and working on "Last Era, Evening Stroll", i finally decided that i upload it. It is made by K-Pone and me and I really hope you enjoy it. Well... i still have some announcements to make:

1: I made up a challenge for MeisterMach containing a remix of "Suwa Foughten Field" and I am actually working hard on my piece but somehow my motivation drops so often and I am somehow unhappy with what it is now. So it can take a LOOOONG while.

2: I found a REALLY old song project of mine while uploading "Last Era, Evening Stroll". Thinking about redoing it (because its really bad xD). Do you want the old one published too or not?

3: I am pretty much exhausted. I always start to work on something but i can never get it done. I am working on said "Suwa Foughten Field", a mix over of "Now, until the moment you die" and "Civilization of Magic", "Dimension of Reverie" and a nameless piece which still needs a melody (only accords and percussion are in. Poor percussion btw) but well... they somehow don't want to be finished.

4: I am happy about Last Era, Evening Stroll and just wanted to have 4 announcements.

Thanks for reading and yeah... Greetings from DKB.

I am still alive!

2014-07-27 04:30:48 by Darknessbreaker

Hey my friends, long time no activity here except for answering reviews. Im quite happy that i got some very informative reviews so i had to think about some aspects of the music i am creating. Well, although my activity isnt that great atm, i am actually working on 2 things: My third Touhou-Remix and another own song since my last submissions were Touhou Remixes. I really look forward to those 'cause I see I became better since the Glow Up-Era. Maybe ill continue that as well, but thats not for sure. I am happy to have you as people who are listening to my stuff even if its not the crown of the tree and helping me to get better in my hobby. Thanks guys :3

And soon, the story will go on...

Its time to continue

2013-06-07 14:36:59 by Darknessbreaker

Hey guys, Darknessbreaker here with a new post.

Well. I submitted 3 songs since the last post and now, my jclive-Soundfont is broken. It seems that i cant continue the "Glow Up"-Era (Glow Up, Accel, Scarlet Dark Stream). But i dont think that this will end my story. I just have to use another bass and drums and then im back :3

I think that im now better in making music than before. Glow Up, Accel and Scarlet Dark Stream are very good songs in my opinion but im a bit sad that i dont get many reviews so I dont really know what i could make better or what is pretty good and stuff. I hope that my time will come and yeah... maybe im getting even better.

And so the story continues...

Lets get movin

2013-03-09 09:45:52 by Darknessbreaker

Well here i am for the second article to write. In this moment, i am working on two songs. One of them is the third collab between K-Pone and me. The second is a song i make on my own.

But at the moment, i have little time, so i dont think, that theyll be finished soon. School is more important than music and so i have to learn instead of making music and stuff. But when i have free time, i am working on the 2 songs.

You want more infos? Well, I wont tell you more about the songs, so you have to wait until i am finished. Thats better than telling you what the songs will look like.

And so the story goes on...

The beginning of a story

2012-11-04 04:24:59 by Darknessbreaker

Now the story begins. After some great music from K-Pone and other people, i decided to make music too. And now, after the Collab, Memories at Evening, i finally have done my first own song, Magical Winter, as a counterpart of K-Pones Summer Beach.

I dont really have a set style. Maybe i will stay at 8bit and piano-stuff, but thats not sure at the time. I hope you enjoy my music.