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Lets get movin

2013-03-09 09:45:52 by Darknessbreaker

Well here i am for the second article to write. In this moment, i am working on two songs. One of them is the third collab between K-Pone and me. The second is a song i make on my own.

But at the moment, i have little time, so i dont think, that theyll be finished soon. School is more important than music and so i have to learn instead of making music and stuff. But when i have free time, i am working on the 2 songs.

You want more infos? Well, I wont tell you more about the songs, so you have to wait until i am finished. Thats better than telling you what the songs will look like.

And so the story goes on...


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2013-03-09 09:49:10

Music > School


2013-03-30 16:02:35

School > Music > School