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I am still alive!

2014-07-27 04:30:48 by Darknessbreaker

Hey my friends, long time no activity here except for answering reviews. Im quite happy that i got some very informative reviews so i had to think about some aspects of the music i am creating. Well, although my activity isnt that great atm, i am actually working on 2 things: My third Touhou-Remix and another own song since my last submissions were Touhou Remixes. I really look forward to those 'cause I see I became better since the Glow Up-Era. Maybe ill continue that as well, but thats not for sure. I am happy to have you as people who are listening to my stuff even if its not the crown of the tree and helping me to get better in my hobby. Thanks guys :3

And soon, the story will go on...


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2014-08-02 20:02:05

Holy crap! You're the one! It's because of you! My life has become a mess! Baka!

Your "Fires of Hokkai" remix prompted me to look up more "Fires of Hokkai" mixes, which prompted me to look up other Touhou remixes, which (along with somebody else's artwork) prompted me to start reading Touhou wiki pages, and looking up Touhou fanart, and playing Touhou games, and reading Touhou manga, and watching Touhou videos on Youtube.

Now I'm a useless heap of Gensokyan Grey Matter. If I've gotten nothing else out of this foray, I at least can now say who my favorite Touhou character is: Youmu (Konpaku).

My latest art submission is a Touhou OC:
My latest music submission is partly Touhou-inspired:
(You might hear a bit of "Alice in Wonderland" (a BGM from Mystic Square) in it.)

Anyway, good to see that you are alive. Now prepare to receive your punishment!

Darknessbreaker responds:

Sorry? I guess? Well i am a bit happy that i could bring you to the world of epicness, Gensokyo. You can easily guess who my favorite character is: Its Utsuho Reiuji, the girl in my Avatar. Touhou is cool, isnt it?

I already saw and listened to them and i really like those. ^^

I will await my punishment with honor, i guess ^^.


2014-08-03 22:09:54

Fantastic to know that you plan to continue on. I look forward to hearing some more of your works.

Darknessbreaker responds:

Well i cant just leave behind one of my greatest hobbies ^^. No one could do that i guess. So i'll never die until my body stops to exist.


2014-08-04 21:19:44

Punishment... hmm... well, I would challenge you to a danmaku battle, but I don't think either of us can pull that off... yet. :P