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Entry #5

I did it! I published something!

2015-04-21 14:20:08 by Darknessbreaker

After almost a YEAR of thinking and working on "Last Era, Evening Stroll", i finally decided that i upload it. It is made by K-Pone and me and I really hope you enjoy it. Well... i still have some announcements to make:

1: I made up a challenge for MeisterMach containing a remix of "Suwa Foughten Field" and I am actually working hard on my piece but somehow my motivation drops so often and I am somehow unhappy with what it is now. So it can take a LOOOONG while.

2: I found a REALLY old song project of mine while uploading "Last Era, Evening Stroll". Thinking about redoing it (because its really bad xD). Do you want the old one published too or not?

3: I am pretty much exhausted. I always start to work on something but i can never get it done. I am working on said "Suwa Foughten Field", a mix over of "Now, until the moment you die" and "Civilization of Magic", "Dimension of Reverie" and a nameless piece which still needs a melody (only accords and percussion are in. Poor percussion btw) but well... they somehow don't want to be finished.

4: I am happy about Last Era, Evening Stroll and just wanted to have 4 announcements.

Thanks for reading and yeah... Greetings from DKB.


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2015-04-21 20:29:31

Woooo good job man, it can be a thankless job sometimes.. but you did it! :O

Darknessbreaker responds:

Thanks :D
Was a fun work on it too!


2015-04-28 20:44:08

1. You're working hard, yet having trouble with motivation and strange dissatisfaction? Sounds something I experienced.

I'd advise that intuitive, or "gut" judgements on composing should not be questioned. That way, progress is made. I aim to have a groundwork, that is, a skeleton (e.g. Melody, Percussion, Accompaniment, and rough transitions), and then I'd go back and add the deeper details. I hope this advice - admittedly vague - serves you well. In any case, I will be looking forward to the remix; I do enjoy listening to Suwa Foughten Field.

2. Yes, I would like to see the old one published. I would go as far and say that I would also like to see some sort of juxtaposition between the "old" and the "innovation."

3. " but well... they somehow don't want to be finished."

If they don't want to be finish, that is fine because what they want does not matter. I force my will onto a composition. ( > ._. ) >

4. Ironically, I saw this post first in respect to your post about the recent collaboration. I'll give it a listen and, hopefully, an insightful review.